Thursday, March 08, 2007

India's Growth - Don't Overlook Manufacturing (and the Consumer Market)

We just received an update from one of our India-based contacts - the Indian economy continues to steam ahead, and note the importance of manufacturing to this growth. This economy has much more in its favor than software and back-office outsourcing.

"Goldman Sachs has projected that India will sustain over 8% growth until 2020 and become the second largest economy in the world ahead of the United States, by 2050. In their words- “…we project India’s potential or sustainable growth rate at about 8% until 2020...”. Standard & Poor’s, the global rating agency, has raised India’s sovereign credit rating to ‘Investment Grade’ (BBB-/A-3).

Recent reports released by the Central Statistical Organisation (“CSO”) and the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) further affirm the above facts. According to CSO, real gross domestic product (“GDP”) growth accelerated to 9.2% in the second quarter from 8.9% the preceding quarter and 8.4 % a year ago, led by manufacturing and services sectors. The manufacturing sector with double digit growth of 11.5% maintained its position as key driver of industrial activity, contributing almost 91.2% of the growth in industry. Growth in the services sector accelerated to 10.6 %."

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