Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our China Roundtable Discussion

InternationalCounsel hosted a China roundtable discussion at our offices on Monday, February 26. We had a good group of attendees, including some manufacturers, consultants, representatives from Illinois and Wisconsin trade organizations and others interested in or already doing business in China.

I spoke on manufacturing and distribution in China, and Shawn He of MeetChinaBiz moderated the discussion.

These roundtable discussions allow participants to voice their special problems and concerns and learn from each other. We are finding something of an oversupply of China events in Chicago and elsewhere - how many more lectures on direct foreign investment in China are you prepared to sit through?

A roundtable format offers a more interactive setting, and most companies entering China are facing contracting, investment and IP issues that are not rocket science but require small teams of experienced advisors.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Investing in India? Our Recent Article

As part of our cross-border legal advisory services, we work with US companies investing and doing business in India (and also with Indian companies doing business in the US). China is also important to us, but it is seldom "all China, all of the time" for our clients!

Here is my recent article on foreign equity investment in Indian companies - published in the Association for Corporate Growth's Cross-Border Transactions Bulletin (we are active with the international activities of this mid-market-focused dealmakers' association). Click on the images to enlarge.