Monday, January 26, 2009

Acquiring Troubled US Companies - Limiting Legal Risk

Here is the first page of our updated article published this month in India.

Let me know if you are aware of a US company in need of an investor or that is in search of a buyer - we are being asked by our contacts in India to pass-on opportunities that may be a good fit for an Indian buyer.

The investment range can be as low as a few million dollars and into the US$20 million range - on the small side but often overlooked by intermediaries. Feel free to contact me (David Laverty) directly at 312 575 0601 or at

Foreign Corporate Buyers of Troubled US Companies

Yes, there are excellent values among US companies that make this a very attractive time for those foreign buyers with the capital to acquire and invest. Yet, can a foreign corporate buyer hope to fully understand and participate in the process of purchasing a troubled US company?

Yes, with the proper advisers. The following video interview takes this a step further - why not partner with an experienced distressed investor? Jonathan Rosenthal of Saybrook Capital LLC offers his views on such partnering opportunities - taken from this month's TMA distressed investing conference in Las Vegas.