Monday, April 17, 2006

Growth in Internet Advertising = Global Online Compliance Challenge

When you think "e-commerce" and "Internet advertising," erase all of your images of inflated companies headed toward doom. The largest and most successful companies are driving an ever-greater percentage of their advertising dollars to the Internet. For example, a front page article in the April 17 Wall Street Journal presented a chart showing an expected $12 billion in U.S. online advertising revenue to be generated in 2005, up from just over $9 billion in 2004 (and less than a $1 in 1997).

Whatever the source of this increase in online advertising, companies will need to pay greater attention to the cross-border implications of their online content. Particularly when advertising is in local language and products are being sold into local overseas markets, local laws will impact just what can be claimed and online terms will need to be adjusted to take into account local laws and provide for preferred means of dispute resolution.

For some added background, see some of the issues noted in my earlier blog comments on the globalization of e-commerce conference and raised in some of our publications found at

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